Lucky Buddha bracelet black onyx

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Lucky bracelets literally bring luck! Luck to you, because of the beautiful bracelet and luck to the makers in Nepal who get the opportunity to build a future in a dignified way. These bracelets exists out of symbols of luck from the Eastern culture. Length is 17-21 cm

• A tile, because tiles bring you happiness according to the saying. Old plates and cup are getting a second life!
• A lucky coin, in the temples of Asia are many pools filled with lucky coins. Throw it over your shoulder for good luck, just don’t try it with this bracelet!
• Two Buddha’s also represent luck, in your house as a statue or around your wrist. Buddha are often given by someone who wants to wish you luck.
• A gratitude stone, this black onyx is a stone that will keep you grounded. It ups your concentration, calms you down and gives you strength and perseverance. It also blocks negative energy.
• And a bell, while in the temples you ring a bell to call to the gods. If you wear it, you will be noticed. 

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Schwarzer Onyx

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